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During the first interview we will focus on your problem and set goals and plan. If this is advisable, others can also be involved or informed, such as your manager, company doctor or general practitioner. Only with your permission will I communicate with third parties.


You will then work specifically on the solution of the problem you are experiencing. The combination of coaching and psychotherapy ensures that, if necessary, deeper causes can also be tackled.

In short, my approach is


Involved in your question and motivated to help you.



In an average of 5 to 15 sessions you can solve your problem with my guidance.



It's about solving what bothers you, not about changing your personality.



You are seen and approached from all aspects that make you human: through your feelings, thoughts, behaviour, body, social and meaningful needs.


break through

Sometimes you know what would be better for you, but you can't change it. As if 'something' is working against it. Unnoticed. With my help you can break through that unconscious pattern and really change it.


complaint- and power-focused

Although your problem is central, you also have positive qualities that you can use to tackle your problem.


I am associated with PAG Psychologists for Labor and Health. Where appropriate, I work together with a company doctor, general practitioner and/or psychiatrist (if medication is required).

Registrations and reimbursements

As a coach I am registered with the Dutch Association for Professional Coaches and as a therapist with the European and Dutch Association for Psychotherapy.


Therapeutic sessions may be reimbursed via your supplementary insurance. More information about my registrations, reimbursements and payment conditions can be found hier.



There is no long waiting list; a first appointment can, on average, take place within two weeks.

In case of urgency, an appointment is made faster.


Appointments are possible on Monday through Friday and on Tuesday evening.

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