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If your life is not (or no longer) as you want it to be, it can be useful to talk about it with someone outside your work or private environment. In confidence. With someone who is

expert and has no

interest. Independent.

With attention to your

problem and focused

on solving it.



In my practice I assist people with personal and relational problems, for example with

- anxiety and panic attacks (including EMDR)

- reduced self-confidence, assertiveness

- anger, frustration and powerlessness

- (unexplained) sadness and grief processing

- identity and sexuality

- brooding, restlessness and insomnia

- isolation and loneliness

- career development

- life stage issues

- stress and burnout

- imbalance or conflicts in work and private relationships.

As a coach and therapist I have been involved in changes in people and organisations for over 20 years. I specialised in integrative psychotherapy for adults and guide both private individuals and employees. I have a lot of experience in supporting higher educated people and managers, especially in (academic) medical centres, universities and and other professional organisations. For small groups I organise several workshops and lead peer review meetings every year. I am associated with PAG, Psychologists for Work and Health in Rotterdam.

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